Portable Hand Wash Basin

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Product Description

Upto 50 washes per refill. 


No touch, sensor activation hand washing

Each wash last 10 seconds (40-45°C)


No Plumbing!!

Just plug-in to a standard powerpoint and simply fill the 10ltr container with clean cold water and it’s ready for use in 5 secs!



W350 x D450 x H900 mm


W400 x D400 x H900 mm

Light weight, both options only 7.5kg when empty

Connects to a standard 10A 240V powerpoint


Please note:

The Hand Wash Basin draws apx 9Amps, so where possible we recommend this to be the only appliance connected to a electrical circuit.


This Hand-wash basin is not just convenient – it is revolutionary!


‘no-plumbing’ Hand-wash Basin

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