Combi Steamer- 6 tray

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Convotherm OES 6.10 Combi-Steamer  (accepts 7 x 1/1 x 65mm Trays)

  • Ex Hire Unit. with stainless steel stand
  • Good condition and low usage hours.
  • Multiple units available.


This Oven has 5 modes of operation and loads of other useful features

  • Steam
  • Super-Steam
  • Convection
  • Combination
  • Regeneration


  • Core Temp. probe is standard on all Convotherm Ovens,
  • Reduced fan speed for delicate products is a ‘must-have’ feature,


Disappearing Door is very handy when space is optimal, and the convenient ‘Hand-shower’makes this unit a breeze to clean.


All in all this Oven is an all round performer, a pleasure to use with great results guaranteed every time.


Power Requirements:  3 phase , 20 Amp power

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